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MTL à Table

November 3 to 19

Table d'hôte - 3 services

Join us for an exceptional culinary experience with MTL à Table! Discover our special table d'hôte, featuring the culinary treasures of Quebec. A celebration of local flavors not to be missed. Reserve now for a memorable gastronomic experience.


1st service

1 choice

Québec brie “Brise du matin” with cranberries, peppered focaccia.


Warm salad with mushrooms from the 400 pieds de champignon mushroom farm, confit of duck gizzards.


Soup of the day.

2nd service

1 choice

3 Sisters bison stew (corn, squash and beans), risotto cake.


Spaghetti squash, crispy polenta,

late harvest mi-cuit tomatoes.


Pan-seared European seabass, celery root mash,

lemon garlic greens.

3rd service

1 choice

Chocolate almond cake, stewed black cherries.

Apple cobbler, Bilboquet vanilla ice cream.

Spiced molasses cake, crème anglaise.

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