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Meet the Chefs

Ron Kneabone

Executive Chef

Chef Ron Kneabone.jpg
"Cooking is not just about creating dishes.
It's a journey of endless learning and sharing."

Hailing from Brantford, Ontario, Chef Ron's culinary journey began early in life. His first foray into the world of hospitality as a student ignited a lifelong passion for the culinary arts. He honed his skills at the Culinary Institute of Canada on Prince Edward Island. His culinary path has taken him through diverse experiences, including a stint at the Calgary Olympics and a year spent in Alsace, France, immersing himself in all aspects of food preparation, from feeding chickens to crafting exquisite dishes.

Both his mother and grandmother, exceptional cooks in their own right, serve as inspirations for his cuisine. He cherishes each season and draws inspiration from them all, making Quebec, with its four distinct seasons, a perfect choice for him. He loves strolling through the Jean Talon and Atwater markets, drawing inspiration from local seasonal products.

For Chef Ron Kneabone, the love of his craft lies in his insatiable thirst for learning and sharing. What excites him the most at Brasserie Milton is his dedicated team, as well as the other exceptional teams at the Delta Montreal by Marriott hotel. He finds immense joy in spending time in the kitchen, sharing his passion, knowledge, and expertise with his colleagues. For him, cuisine is a continuous adventure where learning and collaboration are the keys to every success.

Martin Turrik


Martin Turrik.jpg
"Cooking is an ongoing conversation, a creative collaboration that makes every dish special."

Martin Turrik, one of our talented Sous-Chefs, brings an inspiring story to our team. After an initial foray into the restaurant world to support his arts education, Martin returned to his true passion: cooking. He immersed himself headfirst in the world of gastronomy, working in some of the most prestigious Italian and French kitchens. His pursuit of excellence led him to achieve his recognition of prior learning exams, opening the door to a flourishing career in hospitality.

What deeply motivates him is to witness our customers marvel with each bite. For him, customer satisfaction is the most beautiful of rewards. He's also a passionate mentor who takes immense pleasure in guiding and inspiring the young talents in our kitchen.

Martin, our passionate Sous-Chef, finds his greatest satisfaction at Brasserie Milton in sharing his passion with his team, watching them improve day by day. He loves discussing cuisine with the chefs, exploring new menu ideas, and discussing possible improvements. To him, cooking is an ongoing conversation, a creative collaboration that makes each dish special.

Orod Karimian


"In the kitchen, ingredients become a symphony of flavors, and the joy of others savoring my creations fuels my passion."

Hailing from Tehran, Iran, Orod Karimian had a long-standing passion for the theater. However, upon immigrating to Canada, he discovered a new stage for his creativity: the culinary world. His love for cooking pushed him to perfect his skills, so he obtained a DEP in cooking, ASP in Market Cuisine at the Montreal School of Restoration and Tourism Trades and an AEC in Kitchen Management at the ITHQ. Orod honed his skills in various upscale restaurants, exploring diverse culinary cultures. His culinary journey eventually brought him to the Delta Hotels Montreal by Marriott, where he currently serves as Sous-Chef.

For Orod, cooking is a journey of perpetual learning. The transformation of ingredients into a symphony of flavors and the moment when a dish is appreciated fuel his passion for cooking. To him, cooking is an endless adventure.

What Orod appreciates most about his work at Delta Montreal are his exceptional colleagues and the kitchen team. Within the Delta hotel, he collaborates with highly skilled professionals, and in the kitchen team, they are not just a group but a family working together to deliver exceptional culinary experiences.

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